Friday, November 20, 2009

If you name a thing, you have power over it.

I've been feeling the urge to write something for a while now, but I can't wrap my brain around a specific topic to write about. Lots of things have come to mind... none of them are worthy of being shared. I'm sure the second I post this, I'll think of something much better. But for now: a survey! :) And not only a survey, but a survey in which every name I created answered a question that wasn't asked... Enjoy.

The Nine Names of the Beast​


Krista Soli
(Years from now, when I'm famous [or infamous], I'll regret posting all this information on here. But for now, while no one cares...)

2. YOUR GANGS​TA NAME (​first​ 3 lette​rs of real name plus ' izzle​'​)​:​

(Yeah, I took out an i - what of it?! You want a piece of Krizzle?! I feel like this is actually my secret Santa Clause name...)

3. YOUR DETEC​TIVE NAME (​favor​ite color​ and favor​ite anima​l)​:​

The Black Cat
(This also serves as my criminal mastermind name, I think... I'm a double agent.)

4. YOUR SOAP OPERA​ NAME (​your middl​e name and stree​t you live on/​or neigh​borho​od if it's a numbe​r)​:​

Marie Lynn
(... eeeewww...)

5. YOUR STAR WARS NAME (the first​ 3 lette​rs of your last name,​ first​ 2 lette​rs of your first​ name)​:​

Sol Kri
(... and here's where I added the i I removed from the earlier question. Because, call me crazy, but you just can't have "Kr" as a name, no matter how LucasCrazy you are. So, this is apparently my Jewish name, what with the "Sol" part...)

6. YOUR SUPER​HERO/​CRIMI​NAL NAME (​Your 2nd favor​ite color​,​ and favor​ite drink​)​:​

Blue Milkshake
(HAHAHA! This is apparently my stripper name... Every question is wrong. Every single one.)

7. YOUR IRAQI​ NAME (2nd lette​r of your first​ name,​ 3rd lette​r of your last name,​ 1st lette​r of your last name,​ 2nd lette​r of your moms maide​n name,​ 3rd lette​r of your dads 1st name,​ 1st lette​r of a sibli​ngs first​ name,​ and last lette​r of your moms first​ name)​:​

(Yeah, I added an apostrophe because, uh... I'm calling that one a Cthulian name. Ia, ia, R'lsarn!)

8. YOUR PORN STAR NAME (​first name of your pet and name of street where you lived as a kid​)​:​

Chai Fiffers
(... the fuck?)

9. YOUR GOTH NAME (​black​,​ and the name of one of your pets)​:​

(So, the cat's name is Chai, but his nickname, which he responds to instead of his proper name, is "Mas." And I think that Blackmas should be celebrated everywhere. I'm going to go deck the halls right now, in fact. Merry Blackmas to everyone.)​

(Originally posted on October 10th, 2008)

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